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2017 Conferences


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Conferences (by date)


Oceanic Knowledges


27-28 January, 2017


The ANU Humanities Research Centre, in partnership with the Centre for Collective Biography of Archaeology in the Pacific and ANU Pacific Institute, is holding a conference on 27-28 January 2017 on knowledge and culture in Oceania.

Presentations will explore aspects of the constitution, conservation and transmission of knowledge, and the way people of Oceania imagine and experience culture, both in its material and intangible forms. Through the presence of a number of leading practitioners working in cultural institutions, the conference will also discuss the challenges and opportunities presented by new media. More>



Enchanted Isles, Fatal Shores: Living Versailles


17-18 March, 2017


Occuring in tandem with the National Gallery of Australia's blockbuster exhibition Versailles: Treasures from the Palace, this conference showcases the latest ideas about the lives of past people and objects, as well as the living culture of Versailles today. Staged in Canberra, which like Versailles is a planned capital city, centre of government and culture, this is a unique opportunity to explore the enduring influence and resonance of Versailles, its desires and self-perceptions of modernity, from film to fashion to architecture. Gathering a generation of scholars whose work is shifting our perceptions of the art, culture and life of ancien-régime Versailles and its reception, this is the occasion for fresh and challenging research, and new perspectives on canon-defining works. More>




The Uncanny City: Strangers and Strangeness in Urban Literature


15-16 June, 2017


Cities are in constant flux as chaotic, amorphous spaces of hybridity and cultural contamination. According to Bill Ashcroft, they operate “in an interstitial space between the nation and the world.” As cultural nerve centres and hubs of trade and administration, they often represent a nation to the world and yet urban landscapes with their radical openness, creativity and dissent create their own spaces of contestation that can potentially unsettle any totalising discourse of national identity.This symposium calls for the multifarious ways of representing the city space in literary and cultural narratives, particularly in the light of its contradictions, and overlaps between the familiar/familial and the manifold categories of “strange,” “alien” and “unknown” that a city breeds and comprises in itself. More>




Politics, Emotions and the Periodical Press


11-12 September, 2017


During the Romantic era, periodicals played an important role in the expansion of the reading public.  As the number and range of periodicals proliferated in Britain in the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries, these diverse publications came to be regarded as crucial agents of social progress, diffusing knowledge and shaping cultural taste. By focusing on the links between politics and emotions in periodicals, this symposium aims to deepen understanding of the affective dimensions of this crucial phase in the development of public opinion. More>



Asian Diasporas, TransPacific Contexts and Global Art

28-29 September, 2017


Details to be advised.



The Question of the Stranger

20 November, 2017


Details to be advised.



China & Global Modernity

4-5 December, 2017


Details to be advised.


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